Tehran hosted the 1st Austrian Technology Transfer Symposium for Enhanced Oil Recovery by Using Treated Water.

The event was organized by Pars Marine Industry Company at the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section in Tehran, was held with representatives of three Austrian companies active in EOR technologies in oil industry, namely, HOT Engineering, SONNEK Engineering and ILF Consulting Engineers.

In his opening address at the event, Christoph Grabmayr, commercial counselor at Advantage Austria, said the symposium is aimed at bringing Iran-Austria trade to the levels before the sanctions on Tehran within a year.


The EOR Symposium

The simple answer is by EOR with a focus on maintaining the optimum reservoir pressure. To get there a well-designed process has to be implemented and carried out during the life time of the oil field.

In this symposium the latest state-of-the-art EOR by using treated sea-water or produced water was demonstrated: Reservoir analyses and modelling that gives the base for later EOR operation Designing and engineering the best process, technology and equipment manufacturing and installing systems reflecting the ultimate knowledge of the oil industry.

The key for cheap oil production on mature oil fields and optimization of the water cycle to optimize the reservoir pressure were discussed during the event.

Moreover, reservoir analyses and modeling that gives the base for later EOR operation, designing and engineering the best process, technology and equipment, and manufacturing and installing systems reflecting the ultimate knowledge of the oil industry were focused upon during the event.

Mohammad Zahedzadeh, water management specialist from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), was one of the keynote speakers of the event.

He said water management must be included in all MDP and water problems should be foreseen during the field life.

Later in the gathering, CEO of HOT Engineering, Dr. Diethard Kratzer talked about oil field characterization & modeling, and EOR process visualization using microfluidics ‘Rock-on-a-Chip’ technology.

He also raised the issue of the importance of proper reservoir understanding and characterization as pre-requisite for a successful EOR application.

He spoke about their special microfluids technology – a rapid and cost-efficient tool for enhancing the understanding of the EOR processes, to reduce the amount of conventional core floods required for EOR screening and planning and for screening EOR chemicals.

Reservoir characterization, reservoir modelling, and microfluidics technologies for EOR applications were other areas he touched on during his address.

Later on, Head of Projects Business Unit  Upstream at ILF Consulting Engineering Helge Hoeft talked about consulting, engineering, procurement and tendering of EOR Projects.

Project management for the implementation of an EOR project, engineering, planning, concept, tendering and purchase were other areas he talked about in his speech.

Also in the event, managing partner of SONNEK Engineering Werner Wieseneder spoke about topics like design, production, startup and service of turnkey EOR modular systems for treatment and high pressure injection of produced water and seawater.

He offered a technical presentation about modular equipment for EOR produced water injection projects, separation, water treatment, water injection, dosing system, service and operation.