IRAN is one of the firstborn countries who has drilled and started producing oil in the world. Nowadays, the age of oil reservoirs is matured enough to execute Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology for:

  • Maximizing the oil production
  • Safe and smooth use of the wells
  • Environmental protection (disposing the produced water, storing emissioned CO2, etc.)
  • Increasing recovery factor

Considering that the IOR/EOR methods are vast and specific, it is crystal clear that, a combination of them may be needed for oil fields in Onshore and Offshore projects. This page is borne for Organizing/Reporting/Gathering IOR/EOR solutions and events in IRAN.

EOR/IOR Solutions & Events without research institutes and universities and specialists will not be perfect; therefore, we ask for the papers of all Professors, Engineers, Companies etc.

This page will try to present as much as information that is related to EOR/IOR in IRAN.