• HOT importance of proper reservoir understanding and characterisation as pre-requisite for a successful EOR application;  and on our special microfluids technology – a rapid and cost-efficient tool for enhancing the understanding of the EOR processes, to reduce the amount of conventional core floods required for EOR screening and planning and for screening EOR chemicals
    1. Reservoir characterization
    2. Reservoir modelling
    3. Microfluidics technologies for EOR applications
    4. etc.
  • ILF - project management for the implementation of an EOR project
    1. Engineering
    2. Planning
    3. Concept
    4. Tendering
    5. purchase
    6. etc.
  • SONNEKtechnical  presentation about modular equipment for EOR produced water injection projects
    1. Separation
    2. Water treatment
    3. Water injection
    4. Dosing system
    5. Service, operation
    6. etc